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Selected Publications

Kidd, J.W., P.H. Bloom, C.W. Barrows, C.T. Collins. 2007. “Status of Burrowing Owls in Southwestern California.”  Bird Populations Monograph No.1 2007 by the Institute for Bird Populations and Albion Environmental, Inc (pages 76-89).

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Bloom, P.H., J.W. Kidd, S.E. Thomas, T.Hipkiss, B. Hornfeldt, M.J. Kuehn. 2015. "Trapping Success Using Carrion With Bow Nets to Capture Adult Golden Eagles In Sweden". J. Raptor Research 49(1):92-97.

Bloom, P.H., W.C. Clark, J.W. Kidd. 2007. Raptor Research and Management Techniques, Chapter 12: “Capture Techniques”. Edited by David M. Bird and Keith L. Bildstein. Hancock House Publishers. Pages 193-219.

Bloom, P.H., J.Michael. Scott, Joseph M. Papp, Scott E. Thomas, and Jeff W. Kidd. "Vagrant Western Red-Shouldered Hawks: Origins, Natal Dispersal Patterns, and Survival". The Condor, Vol 113, Number 3, pages 538-546. 

Moss, E.H.R., T. Hipkiss, F. Ecke, H. Dettki, P. Sandstrom, P.H. Bloom, J.W. Kidd, S.E. Thomas, B. Hornfeldt.
2014. Home-Range Size and Examples of Post-Fledgling Movements For Adult Golden Eagles in Boreal Sweden.
J. Raptor Research 48:2 (93-105).


Kidd, J.W., J.P. Smith, W. P. Prestera, G. Rhozon. Winter and Summer Ranges and Spring and Fall Migration of Rough-Legged Hawks wintering in California and Nevada.

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Bloom, P.H., J. M. Scott, J.W. KiddS.E. Thomas, J.M. Papp "Natal Dispersal of Red-Tailed Hawks from Southwestern California".

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